Thursday, February 25, 2010

texting....the master of disguise!

it's astonishing to me how dependent i have become on texting! I'm someone who a decade ago was so befuddled by technology, i couldn't even turn on my own vibrator. Let alone a computer! Fear of technology left me vulnerable, exposed and judged! In fact, I was vehemently opposed to texting. I found it impersonal, evasive, rude and anti-social. I was a victim of intimacy, voice and inflections. Recently i lost my texting capabilities (thank you blackberry storm...good name, because its CHAOS)! Anyhoo, i couldn't receive or send any text messages and i nearly LOST MY MIND!!! I realized what a blessing texting really is! It is the ubiquitous 'master of disguise' i could be texting someone "I FEEL GRRRRRRRREAT!" followed by a series of !!!!!!!!!!! and XOXOXOXO's and simultaneously be thinking...where the F@#CK is my gun?!!!!! WHERE IS IT????!!!!! i KNOW its loaded and around here somewhere! See? NO vulnerability, exposure OR judgement! Just a very enthusiastic, high energy, loving, positive, STABLE person. I LOVE TEXTING!!!

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