Friday, February 26, 2010

Curling. Really?

By now ALL of us know what 'Curling' is. Before the Olympics I can safely say that 'most' of us were clueless to this sport. I'm Greek and as a 'Greek' there is a certain level of pride that i take in the Olympics. Many professional athletes struggle their entire lives to achieve the honor of being in the Olympics. They run 24hrs a day, povolt 24hrs a day, swim 24hrs a day, ski 24hrs a day, snowboard 24 hrs a day...etc. I think you get the point. Astonishingly enough i NEVER thought drinking 24hrs a day could also get you into the Olympics! Even the name 'Curling' has 'drinkin' innuendo. I imagine it was conceived in such a manner: "Hey! i got it! (as he's curling a pint to his lips...) we'll call it 'curling!' "That's brilliant lad! You're a fargin' genius!" These athletes look like they never got off a bar stool and somehow after a 'drunken' moment of genius and 'wet brain' storming figured out how to make their mastery of shuffle board ( a bar room game) into an Olympic sport. And by the Gods...THEY DID! As a Greek i'm ashamed. As an underachiever I'm inspired! THANK YOU CURLING! there is hope for me after all!

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