Thursday, February 25, 2010

"I Was Just Going To Call You!" True Or False?

How many times have we heard: "I was just going to call you!" Really? Well then, why didn't you? Why am i ALWAYS calling you? "I was just reaching for the phone...and YOU called ME!" "It's like I'm psychic or something!" I'm not saying being in sync doesn't exist on occasion. I'm just exposing the person who ALWAYS claims they were going to call you, just as you call them. And then they have the 'balls of fire' to claim they're 'psychic.' And somehow i always seem to call that person first. And why should they call me first? They're in tune with the universe and could 'feel' the call. Therefore, they sit back and wait for me to call. It may be one sided, but apparently, we are SO connected that only one of us has to do all the work. And because my third eye is blind...I'll ALWAYS deliver the call and 'you' with your great insight will ALWAYS see it coming! I'm so lucky to have YOU as my friend!!

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