Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I'm a little bit of a crisis addict ever since the clock struck 40....THREE years ago! Now I'm completely PANICKING! Still don't know IF I want to have a kid. I think I do....but then I have nightmares that I left my baby in a drawer for DAYS completely unattended! OR I'll have very confusing dreams that my infant magically transforms into a puppy and lastly into a cat. I'm guessing because cats are the least dependant and easiest to manage for me. I've always been wary of having children for many reasons that are extremely plausible to me and my mother. Recently, I've been ambivalent because it's ALL about CHOICE and CHANGE and i feel as if my CHOICE will become defunct and CHANGE (having a baby at this point in my life) may cause suicide. Not only my suicide, but my husbands and a few others that shall remain anonymous. Anyway, I can easily think of reasons not to have children and ALWAYS struggle with logical reasons TO have children. Here are 10 reasons i feel are legit reasons to reconsider this baby craving.

1. There is a genetic component to insanity
2. My mother's legs look like a road map...DON'T wand varicose veins
3. I'm self loathing enough ....DON'T NEED CLONES!!!
4. Don't want to wear my daughters hand me downs ( assuming I have a daughter)
5. Don't want to be facebook friends with my kids
6. Don't want to be older than the principal
7. If I end up hating my husband...don't want a constant reminder of him (supposing it's a boy)
8. Don't want to become addicted to breast feeding as a form of losing weight
9. How does postpartum and menopause mix?
10. I've been second my whole life and I'm not sure I'm ready to be third...or LAST for that matter!!!

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