Thursday, April 8, 2010

SPINSTER: The new Independant Woman!

Yes! It's hard to believe that just 20 years ago, me and so many of my "gal pals" would be considered "old maids." The daughters of many worried parents who secretly wished their daughters were lesbians rather than the alternative. The girls that were last to be picked on a team. Or even worse, the girls that were benched during a game. At least being "gay" meant they were "happy" and had an excuse for not wedding "Prince Charming," and bearing his litter of heirs. Well, thank God for the great equalizer! Woman's equality ( and we have a long road to go) comes with a price. And I'm not so sure that's a bad thing. Women are no longer expected to get married and have children. They can date endlessly until their vagina's fall off and freeze their eggs (among numerous other procedures), to put the bun in the oven 'on hold.' That doesn't mean the bun is 86'ed, it's just a ball of dough in the fridge waiting to be baked.

Yes! Today's spinster has that kind of pull. Today's spinster is hotter than yesterday's cheerleader. Today's spinster doesn't need to get married, because she doesn't need a husband. She doesn't feel incomplete without children, because she remembers how miserable her parents were! AND if we're going to learn from our parents mistakes...getting married and having children should TOP the list!!! Instead of repeating history, today's spinster CHANGES history. Today's spinster is busy, busy, busy! She is hot, and soaring upwards! So chin up Mom's and Dad's! Don't worry about your daughters! If they're not hibernating with a bear, they're violently stroking their cats at night. But either way, they're HAPPY!!!

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