Monday, January 3, 2011

Help ME, HELP others!!!!

My endless quest for altruism has left me beaten and defeated for as long as I COULD REMEMBER. It started when I was a teenager. Upon entering college I decided to put humanity first and my selfish ambition on deck. So, I applied to the Peace Corps. My contribution to the Peace Corps was to dig latrines. Literal "shit holes." To my chagrin, I was rejected from digging these "shsit holes," because it required a college degree. woefully unprepared for a rejection, I sunk into a depression. Could it be that I am inept or did not qualify to dig "shit holes?" Could it be that digging a "shit hole," required a degree in scatology? (the study of "shit.") All I want to do is HELP OTHERS! Who do I have to blow around here to volunteer???

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